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Support Hart, Schaffner and Marx workers!

Yesterday workers at the Des Plaines, Illinois plant that produces legendary Hart, Schaffner and Marx suits followed the lead of Republic Window and Door workers and announced that they were ready to stage a sit-down strike if Wells Fargo, a big time recipient of Federal bank bail out funds, sells the bankrupt firm to buyers who will liquidate the company.


The plant is the last surviving men’s suit manufacturer in the U.S.  Parent company Hartmarx had already moved most of the rest of their apparel manufacturing off shore.


The workers are members of  Workers United, the latest incarnation of the amalgam of unions led by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) most recently known as Unite Here.  The union is a direct descendent of the legendary needle trades unions that long battle sweat shop conditions in the industry.


Workers got support from Illinois Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, who pledged to strip Wells Fargo of all of its state deposits.  As reported on the Daily Kos union activist TomP, Congressman Phil Hare (D IL-17) promised the bank that “I will be your worst nightmare,” if it allows the company to be liquidated.  Hare is one Congressman who didn’t forget where he came from—he spent 13 years as a cloth cutter at the company former Rock Island Plant.


I urge you to support our fellow workers by signing the This letter to Hartmarx.  Below is the text of the union’s appeal:


The public gave Wells Fargo $25 billion in bailout funds, but rather than investing that money in American jobs by keeping credit flowing, Wells Fargo is cutting the cord.


1,000 workers at Hartmarx, the Chicago-based apparel company that makes President Obama's suits, may lose their jobs if Wells Fargo forces the company to liquidate. Two of the bidders on the manufacturer have said that they see the value in continuing the production of top quality suits and will keep the plant open and a third bidder wants to liquidate. Guess which one Wells Fargo is leaning towards?


Please co-sign a letter to Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf asking him to save the jobs at Hartmax.  Workers United will deliver it and let us know how it went.  You can sign here:





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